Borrow to farm

Borrow to Farm is where a user can engage in standard yield farming using assets that were borrowed against the collateralized asset of their choice. CIAN’s automation primitives allow users to swiftly build, manage, optimize and protect this powerful strategy highly popular among experienced investors.

Auto Borrow

Auto Borrow was designed to increase users’ capital efficiency. If the LTV% was to drop below the preset “Borrow-limit”, the system would automatically initiate extra borrow, to raise your LTV% to the preset “Target collateral ratio”. The extra assets would then automatically be deposited in your related farming position(s) to generate yield.

Auto Repay

Auto Repay was designed to help users protect their collateral against liquidation. If the LTV% was to rise over the "Repay limit", the system would automatically move funds across users’ farming & lending position to return their LTV% to the preset“Target collateral ratio".

Flash Repay

Flash Repay was designed to protect users’ collateral against liquidation during high volatility period. If the LTV% was to rise over the preset "Repay threshold", the system would automatically return the LTV% to the preset “Target collateral ratio” via flashloan and selling part of users’ collateral.

Automated Strategies

When it comes to DeFi, CIAN’s automated strategies are the fastest, simplest and most efficient way for investors to build, manage and optimize intricate multi-protocol yield strategies while remaining completely decentralized.

What Is CIAN?

CIAN is an open automation platform that allows you to easily compose and automate your blockchain tasks utilizing extensive automation tools. CIAN redefines the way a DeFi task is performed -- substitute intricate & time consuming manual operations of your DeFi task with simple ‘task definition’ of few clicks.

Save up to 80% of your manual operations, increase your capital utilization for up to 60%.



CIAN is aiming at universal blockchain automation for everyone. Endless onchain composability, complex protocol mechanism and operations are effectively impeding users from getting the most out of onchain ecosystem manually. CIAN tries to provide the answer to the complexities through decentralized automation.

With powerful CIAN automation tools, Both no-code users and experienced coders can easily compose & automate their on-chain tasks in a decentralized way, which means the following users could hardly get with manual work:

Advanced and intricate DeFi strategies with better yields

Enhanced position protection during the execution of your onchain tasks

Vastly improved efficiency of your onchain tasks

At operational level

At capital level


Redefine the way your DeFi task is performed to save 80% of your efffort.


Find globally optimized routes, protocol/op combinations across chains for your Defi task.


Your yield strategy & portfolios intact, improve capital utilization on top of them by to 60%.


Your Dedicated smart wallet, completely Decentralized, EIP2612 standard to secure your Sole Access to your fund.

Perform Defi Task In CIAN

To perform a typical DeFi task

Now:Manual Execution

Clicks: 10s to 100s

Page jumps: 10s to 100s

Data monitoring: 10s to 100s times

Calculation,Comparison,Selections: ?

Waiting time: mins to hours for cyclical task


CIAN:Task Definition

3 steps, a couple of click & minutes:

Select type of task

Drag relevant protocols

Set parameters

Leave all the rest to CIAN!